Making Music Together Scholarship Fund

Did you know that Elton John learned music while receiving a piano scholarship?

Imagine how much a small donation could impact the lives of so many people. Music has proven to be an outlet for self-expression, relieving stress, and worship, to name a few.


At Panharmonic Music Studio's 2016 Christmas Recital, studio owner, Kristin White, placed a jar out to receive donations to help some of her students afford lessons. She's seen such passion and excitement in her student's eyes as they began to grasp concepts and recall from memory notes that they had once struggled to remember - she didn't want to see that flicker of musical joy go away because of families struggling financially. To her surprise, one hundred dollars was donated that evening, thus the Making Music Together Scholarship Fund began.

Scholarship details

Recipients of the Making Music Together Scholarship will receive two months of free piano lessons. In order to continue receiving free lessons, they must abide by the following:

  • Attend weekly lessons, on time
  • Practice five times per week

These expectations are set for all studio students, however if the scholarship recipient fails to abide by these requirements, they will no longer be eligible to receive free lessons. A new scholarship recipient will be selected by the studio owner teachers to ensure funds are being used at all times.

At the end of a scholarship recipient's two months, the studio owner will assess the student's diligent practice and commitment and may extend an offer for continued lessons at a discounted rate.

Would you consider investing in the education of a future world-class musician?

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