Studio History

It all started with a girl whose childhood was inundated with music. Singing in the choir, making music with her sibling trio, and playing piano competitively were among the vast variety of musical activities she found herself. Learning to make music was a wonderfully thrilling and satisfying past time, but she wanted others to experience this same affection she had for music.

It was no surprise when Kristin White, owner of Panharmonic Music Studio, found herself studying Music Education at Northland International University in 1999. After meeting her husband and getting married, they moved to Virginia and she immediately began teaching piano to her friends and their children, as well as their neighbors. What started as a fun way to get to know others, evolved into a growing business.

On January 4, 2017, Panharmonic Music Studio became an official business in Chesapeake, VA. It was Kristin’s goal to add 20 new students by the end of 2017, but the Lord had other plans in store. In one month, 20 new students were added to her schedule, which also allowed Kristin to grow her staff; Erik Nagaoka joined Panharmonic Music Studio in April 2017. They currently are teaching at the home studio and a local church.


About the Studio


Panharmonic Music Studio is a classical format studio based out of Kristin’s home in Deep Creek, Chesapeake, VA. On occasion, lessons will be taught less than a mile up the road at a local church, Redemption Church.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of music education is stuck in a classical ideal of thinking; come to the studio for lessons, sit down and be taught for roughly 30 minutes, then go home and practice until next week’s lesson. We agree, consistency and practice are necessary, but so is learning fundamentals, theory, and the history of music. Our unique and holistic approach is far from a textbook feel.

During a typical lesson, our students can expect to play the piece(s) they’ve been practicing during the past week, learn new piece(s), then spend the last 15 minutes reinforcing what they’ve learned with theory games, worksheets, sidewalk chalk and much more!


Did you know?



of children learn how to play music


of adults wish they had learned how to play music


This is one of the reasons we’ve chosen to price our lessons lower than the going rate in Hampton Roads. Our mission is to provide fun, accessible, and communal music education to all ages and socio-economic groups.

We are striving to change those statistics and are constantly encouraging our students to inspire others to learn more about music.
— Kristin White, Owner, Panharmonic Music Studio