Frequently Asked Questions

What are semi-private lessons?

Semi-private lessons mean that lessons overlap - ½ private lesson, ½ group lesson.

Sample schedule:

1:00 pm Student A begins private lesson
This is when the student plays the piece(s) they’ve been practicing during the past week and learns new piece(s).

1:15 pm Student A & B begins group lesson
This is when two students work together with their teacher to reinforce theory with games and worksheets.

1:30 pm Student A completes weekly lesson and leaves and Student B begins private lesson

How old must you be to take lessons?

We teach students as young as five years old. We ask that they’re able to sit still for as many minutes as they are old (e.g. a five-year-old can sit still for five minutes), count up to five, knows the alphabet from A-G, and can differentiate left from right.

Can adults take lessons?

Yes! We currently have a handful of adults enrolled. In fact, one of our students is a mom of four who is learning so she can reinforce and teach her children the piano at home.

When are lessons taught during the week?

Mrs. Kristin offers Piano lessons on Tuesdays from 10 am - 8 pm.

Mr. Nate offers Piano lessons on Mondays from 2 pm - 6:00 pm.

Mr. JuJu offers Drum, Guitar, Piano, Band, and much more Mondays 2 pm - 6 pm.

How long is a typical lesson?

Lessons are taught weekly in 30-minute blocks.

How frequently are lessons taught?

Lessons are taught weekly.

When is enrollment?

We accept new students anytime. Lessons are taught year round.

What impact does home-based piano schools have on mine or my child’s music education?

What’s important is that our students feel comfortable during the learning process. With anything new, there are nerves to overcome, but because our studio is based in a home, lessons exude a personal and laid-back vibe.

Our instructors believe this format of music education facilitates creativity and confidence. Other studios, not home-based, are structured around business and give off an in and out vibe. We encourage our students to contact their instructor and come back to the studio if they need help or want extra practice, free of charge.

From a cost perspective, our prices are determined well under the going rate because overhead is kept low.

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