Studio Policy

The following guidelines have been based on the research and experience of the instructors at Panharmonic Music Studio.  You have the right to expect quality teaching including responsibility, punctuality, cheerfulness, and patience. Setting these guidelines allows us to do our job as educators and to maintain regularity in our schedule.

We reserve the right to revise this policy at any time to better serve you and our families. Any revision of the policy will be communicated to you before the changes take effect.

I. Duration of Mommy & Me class

Weekly classes are approximately 45 minutes. You enroll for 1 (one) whole month. The studio is closed for most holidays.

II. Price of Lessons

There is a $30 enrollment fee per family.

Mommy & Me Class 1 child is $76.

Mommy & Me Class 2 children $126

Mommy & Me Class3 children $186

Monthly tuition is due the 1st of each month. We use Teacher Zone for automated monthly payments. There is a $20 late fee your payment does not process.

Each January, there is a $20 studio fee per student to assist with the continued improvement of the studio’s technology and resources.

All tuition and fees are non-refundable.

III. Locations

Please be aware of which location you are enrolling for. We rent a room MONDAYS at Gather 2125 Starmount Pkwy #109, Chesapeake, VA 23321 and WEDNESDAYS at Redemption Church 2101 Iowa Street, Chesapeake, VA 23323.

IV. Cancellations

A. Missed Lessons
Because specific times are set aside for specific students, a student who does not attend a class will simply miss the benefit of that class.  There are no refunds, discounts or makeups given unless we are unable to teach the promised number of classes. 

B.   Teacher Cancellations
The teacher reserves the right to cancel the class at any time (e.g., holidays, illness, etc.). There are no refunds, discounts or makeups given unless we are unable to teach the promised number of classes for that month.  

C.   Illness
Students who are ill should not come to lessons.  We reserve the right to send a student home if they arrive sick.  If students will miss their class, please call/text their teacher.